Solomon – What it Contains

Once registered your members will be able to access everything in Solomon.

There are two main sections of learning materials:

  • Seek & Learn – for personal use.
  • Share & Encourage – adds material for delivery by an appointed presenter.
    A third area: Support & Promote contains resources to help Provinces. There are welcome and guidance videos to offer encouragement, help and support.

Finding Your Way Around

Both learning sections contain Modules that cover the Craft degrees, Royal Arch, history, symbolism, Lodge matters and ‘about Freemasonry’.

To access a module you simply enrol into it, browse, search and download material as desired.

Please encourage your members not to enrol in modules beyond their present Masonic level, so as not to diminish the experiences to come.

Any content may be used for personal reading. Some items are in audio formats too and more formats are being introduced.

How to Use Solomon Material


Short 5 – 10 minute items ideal for any regular or instruction meeting or gathering. Select a topic suited to the occasion and ask a member to deliver it.  ‘Nuggets’ can be used to provoke interest and learning, promote discussion and increase involvement. Ideally they will become a regular and welcome additional agenda item.


More for personal reading, or small group study, they can also be used as minipresentations.


These items are intended for Lodge and Chapter use, delivered by an approved presenter in a vibrant, interesting and entertaining way. They should be followed by questions and discussion.


Explanatory demonstrations of a ceremony are a good alternative to a live event. An opportunity to learn and understand more of the significance and deeper meaning. Arguably a ‘must see’ for us all.


Much of the material lends itself to a quiz or other ‘fun’ learning.

The Benefits of Learning

  • Most members seek a greater understanding of the ritual, symbolism, history and traditions of Freemasonry. This can lead to:
  • Greater personal satisfaction by having their expectations, needs and wishes met
  • Enhanced enjoyment and interest
  • Improved understanding and performance of ritual
  • Greater personal fulfilment and development
  • Improved attendance, engagement and retention of members
  • Members more willing and able to speak with knowledge and confidence about Freemasonry

Getting started

The stimulus to provide learning and development opportunities may come from:

  • The wishes of both new and established members
  • The wish to boost interest and attendance
  • Planning the year’s programme
  • Seeing what happens elsewhere
  • Opportunities provided by your Province Meeting needs and interests

Individual Learning

Learning is a personal journey and all Members should be encouraged to use Solomon to follow their own interests and questions.

Your Members will have differing areas of interest, motivation, learning styles and preferences. If you can identify and meet these differences, it will help you succeed.

Some members may wish to work together to gain a better understanding. They might then be invited to share what they have learnt.

Personal Mentors should use Solomon as a resource to guide a new member’s learning and progress through the Members’ Pathway and beyond. Collective Learning

Not all members will readily recognise the need or benefit of learning particularly its inclusion in a Lodge or Chapter meeting.

The benefits should be highlighted as well as the importance of addressing the needs, expectations and wishes of all members. All should contribute their views to this process.

The new materials when well-presented should prove an attractive addition to the meeting programme, draw members back and attract visitors.

A pilot or trial period or a visit to another Lodge or Chapter may help in promoting a positive response to learning content.

Your Lodge or Chapter may offer to host a special event.

Lodge or Chapter of Instruction meetings should also be part of the process.

What help is available?


  • is UGLE’s on-line searchable repository
  • provides ‘Nuggets’, Presentations, Papers, Demonstrations and Quizzes
  • offers practical guidance to plan and deliver learning materials
  • Provincial help and support Your Province will be developing support and will hopefully be able to:
  • provide you with presenters and facilitators able to deliver papers and other materials in an interesting and effective way.
  • promote events that you are holding
  • organise events that will be of interest and help to your members
  • develop resources of local relevance and interest
  • loan audio-visual equipment.

Visit Solomon from Here