Provincial Research Library

About the Library

One of the early objectives of the Provincial Research Group was to build a library of masonic publications that could be visited by brethren across the Province and indeed neighbouring Provinces.  W.Bro. Bruce Hawkins has been leading on this initiative.

First and foremost, we recognise that some masonic centres and lodges already have their own libraries, and not all are comfortable with donating their collections to a central library.

We are therefore designing a system whereby we have a master catalogue of books and publications held across the Province, which will be made available on PROGRESS for browsing; but the physical book may be kept either in the central library being built in the Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court in Porthcawl, or may be retained in a local library at one of the Province’s Masonic centres.

Eventually we also hope to introduce a loan scheme to enable brethren to borrow certain publications for short periods, as well as review them on-site.

Any enquiries regarding the Provincial Library can be directed to W.Bro. Bruce at

Coming soon The Provincial Library Catalogue