Chisel Chat

The idea behind Chisel Chat came from W.Bro. Rob Hughes, originally for the benefit of the Brethren of his lodge, Hen Bont in Pontypridd. The forum gives members the opportunity to discuss masonic topics and advance their knowledge in an informal, social but safe environment. Some meetings have themes, others are more open forums.

When discussing it with other reigning Masters of Pontypridd Lodges Rob soon discovered that they had suggested something similar but had failed to gain support. That was when he decided to invite their members to join the group. When Masons from outside the locality asked if they might attend, it quickly became an open invitation to any Brother in the Province. The interest that has been generated thus far indicates that not all initiatives have to come from the top.

We believe this has the potential to grow from the grass roots up to become a Province-wide event and will be working over the coming months to roll-out the template to the other masonic centres of South Wales.

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