Build my Masonic Development Plan

Why Should I Create a Masonic Development Plan?

  • To help you advance your masonic knowledge and reach your masonic career goals.
  • To enable you to identify skill and experience gaps and improvement areas which will help you realise your potential.
  • To help you, with support from your mentor, to take responsibility for your own masonic development.

Make the Most of your Development Plan

Masonic learning happens every day, not only in the lodge or in a seminar.  We continually learn and grow in our current roles and as we get involved in new activities.  Utilising the valuable skills and experience of our fellow brethren is also crucial.

Make The Most Of  Your Masonic Development

  • Be clear on what you want to learn and why.
  • Plan how you are going to use your learning.
  • Follow up on your learning.
  • Seek support from your mentor and brethren.
  • Take ownership of your masonic development.

Download and create your development plan here.