Guide to your Masonic advancement

Your masonic life

Whether you’re already building a masonic career or just starting to think about it, working towards fulfilling your potential is a process of ongoing feedback and growth.  A masonic career is a progression of knowledge and experiences that make up a brother’s masonic life.

It’s a journey

Your masonic life can take you in a variety of directions some of which can be unexpected at times.  It can be a continuous cycle of growth, development and sometimes it involves changing direction.

Taking control of your experience of Freemasonry throughout your life needs an honest exploration of who you are and what is important to you.

Masonic mobility

Learning opportunities are all around us.  Broadening, deepening, strengthening our masonic experience and knowledge.


More responsibility, new challenges within the same lodge and role.


Change roles to broaden experience. Help another officer or lodge, and learn new skills at the same time to bring back to your current role.


Exploring new areas of Freemasonry by taking up new roles. Shadowing a more experienced brother to understand different areas of the Craft.


Working as part of a cross-lodge project. Be responsible for building collaboration within your lodge.


Progressing through a new degree or order. Thinking about your wider masonic experience.